Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Blog poll conclusion: Arulraj unfit to be a priest

Is Gali Arulraj unfit to be a priest?                 
  217 (99%)
  1 (0%)

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Votes so far: 218
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[Votes on the poll this morning]

It has been brought to my attention that the number of votes on the blog poll has, mysteriously, been reduced at least three times during the past week.  The votes saying that Gali Arulraj is unfit to be a priest have gone beyond 230, and then mysteriously been reduced by 10 or 15 votes - and when they have gone beyond 230 again the number has inexplicably been reduced yet again.

This morning I noticed that the 'yes' vote had been dropped from last night's 231 to 217.  The 'no' vote had dropped from 2 to 1.

I assume that  Gali Arulraj was one of those who voted that he is fit to be a priest. Perhaps he was supported by Vatakili Paulinraj (his nephew and fellow priest of the Diocese of Nellore who is also charged with fraud, theft, etc. and awaiting trial) ? Or perhaps his 'wife' gave him her loyal support?  I had thought he might receive at least three votes - not that he is getting any sympathy from me after the dismal amount of support shown for him.

Given the inexplicable problem with the poll, and in order to avoid any accusation that I have unfairly slashed the 'no' vote in half, it seems right to bring the poll to an end now.

I should just add that I have no control over the poll itself.  It is managed by 'blogger' and I cannot increase or decrease any of the votes myself. As only one vote can be registered from each computer the poll cannot count the multiple votes of family members who would all have liked to indicate their objection to Arulraj remaining a priest.

The poll, however, which registered more than 250 'yes' votes, and only 2 'no' votes, reflects the overwhelming opinion that Gali Arulraj is unfit to be a priest.

Of course, I am not calling on Bishop Moses Prakasam of Nellore Diocese to resolve Gali Arulraj's priestly status in view of the blog poll.  The case for immediately suspending Arulraj and then concluding the canonical process for his dismissal from the priestly ministry stands on its own merits - and it is a compelling case. 

What I am truly trying to fathom though is this:  if it is so obvious to just about everyone else that Gali Arulraj is unfit to be a priest....why is it not obvious to the Bishop of Nellore?

[UPDATE - 9 May 2012: During the past week there have been some fluctuations in the poll figures even though the poll has been closed during that time.  The 'yes' votes have fluctuated between about 205 and 250.  I will keep the poll results up in the right hand column for now, as they give a general idea of how people voted, but I will remove them if the changes are so excessive as to give a distorted impression of the results.]