Thursday, 29 March 2012

Arulraj's scamming New Life Society website down

The scamming website has been down since 28 March
- not even its logo remains

Well, would you believe it again?!  It took a little longer, but after last week's removal of the Linked-In profile for "Fr Gali Arulraj" we now have the removal of the website of his scamming  "New Life Society for the Poor and Handicapped."

The website has been down for more than 24 hours, which suggests that there is not merely a temporary problem with it. If you go to the website you get a  HTTP 403 Forbidden notice, which indicates that access to the website is being deliberately denied by the server. It is too early to say whether the website might be made active again.

Given that Arulraj went to the trouble and expense of setting up the website as part of his scam to make money, its removal is very welcome.  In itself it has justified the presence of this blog.

The continued presence of this blog is also more than justified as a warning to anyone who is a potential victim of a scam by "Fr Gali Arulraj" or "Mr G.A. Raj" working for the "Dayananda Nilayam Society for Social Development", the "New Life Society for the Poor and Handicapped", or (another of his made-up charity names) the  "Home for the Orphans and Disabled Children."

The blog will also stay in order to draw attention to any new scams that come to my notice.

Of course, with the exposure that  "Mr G.A. Raj" was in fact Arulraj, he may have wanted his scamming New Life Society website removed as it was further evidence of his ongoing criminal activities. If there are any police officers, tax officials, Delhi Home Ministry officials, NGO Registration officials, FCRA investigators, or anybody else who needs evidence of the scamming website then they can still get that evidence.  I made copies of everything that was on the website and will be happy to make them available.