Thursday, 22 March 2012

"Father" Arulraj no more?

The Linked-In profile of "Fr Gali Arulraj" that is no more
 - removed today (22 March 2012)
Well, would you believe it?! This blog had its first viewers from India this morning, and a couple of hours later Arulraj has removed the Linked-In profile that he set up less than two months ago, in which he presented himself -- as a priest - as "Fr Gali Arulraj, Director of the New Life Society for the poor and handicapped."

(If you google the name "Gali Arulraj" the first thing that comes up still is a reference to the Linked-In profile. Although the link to the profile itself no longer works, you can still see Google's cached image of 6 March 2012.).

Dare we hope that Arulraj's conscience has been awakened and that he realises how greatly he insults the Catholic priesthood by presenting himself as a priest? 

Dare we hope that we are closer to the day when Arulraj is no longer able to present himself as a priest?

Let's see if the website of  his (scamming) "New Life Society" will be removed next.